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When considering your church’s insurance, it’s important to work with an insurance professional to ensure that you get all your needs met for the best possible price.  No matter how small or how big your church is, it is important in doing due diligence to truly understand the needs and coverage for those needs.  

Scott’s grandfather, Jones W. Hodges was a United Methodist Church preacher for many, many years and has instilled a passion for assisting churches in not only insurance needs, but has also been known to fill the pulpit when needed.  We feel that it is part of our purpose and our passion to fill the needs of churches in our communities.  

LBK Insurance will give you a free consultation and quickly tailor a comprehensive insurance package that addresses the unique needs of churches, synagogues, and other houses of worship. As expert risk managers, we can answer questions you have about different types of property insurance, including property coverage, liability coverage, and the “what if’s” that might come along the way.

Worried about the costs?

We are able to fit coverage to the budget, making sure that we do all we can to get the most bang for the buck and keep the expenses down so that your church can achieve more.

Important Coverages to Consider:

Property Coverage -

Small church or large church, one of the biggest investments you have is your buildings, furniture and equipment, and signs.  Additional coverages that are important to consider are employee dishonesty and money and securities. 

Liability Coverage -

There are several types of liability coverages that a church must consider:

Premise Liability - Provides coverage for the cost of any third-party injuries and damage claims due to an accident that occurs on the premise of the church.  In all states, owners that occupy a property must make a reasonable effort to maintain a safe environment for visitors to it.  Included is defense cost on all liability claims brought against the insured.  

Professional Liability - Pastoral Professional – Provides for covered professional liability damages because of a negligent act or negligent omission arising out of covered pastoral counseling services.

Professional Liability - Church Directors & Officers -  Pays for wrongful acts committed by any insured in their capacity as a director, trustee, officer, employee, committee member or volunteer, or any other person for whose acts the insured is legally responsible.

Abuse & Molestation -  (Abusive Acts) - Provides coverage for acts of abuse or molestation with defense costs inside the limit and not in addition to the limit of insurance. 

Employee Practices Liability (EPLI) - Claims of discrimination, harassment or wrongful termination make the EPLI coverage endorsement important coverage.  

Non-owned auto coverage - Important to have an extension of liability for employees that are using their own vehicle but doing business for the church.  

Auto Coverage

Protecting not only the investment of the vehicles in which the church owns and carrying proper liability limits to protect the assets and future assets of the church in the event of an accident.  

Umbrella Coverage

A low-cost way for a church to safeguard its current assets and potential future earnings from any court-ordered monetary awards.  

Workers’ Compensation

Not a coverage that is mandated by law in Texas but an important coverage to consider to protect not only the church but the valuable employees that work within the church.  

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